Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Save the Date!

The Prospect Park Craft Fair will be on May 2nd, 2015, from 10-5.  See you there!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Craft Fair Tomorrow!

The weather is looking great for the fair tomorrow! 69 degrees and sunny. 
Come support local artists and crafters and PS 154! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Featured Vendor: Bugged Out

Bugged Out is a line of screen printed whimsical bug, fruit, veggie and critter designs available on organic cotton onesies and T-shirts, cotton fleece hoodies, recycled cotton canvas tote bags and note cards. 

All Bugged Out products are made in the USA, and are printed by hand by us here in NYC, so no two are exactly the same! A percentage of the proceeds from Bugged Out sales goes directly to the research efforts to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis at the MS Care Center of NYU Langone Medical Center. 

Find us at many high end arts and crafts fairs, including the Prospect Park Craft Fair this weekend, from April- December throughout the city or visit us online at www.bugged-out.com.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Featured Vendor: GioGio Designs

GioGio Design was founded by architect Jessica Giovachino. Her mission, simply put, is to make things she would want to have in her own home. She thinks people should surround themselves with creatively-designed, cool, and smart products that are both functional and fun. She designs and makes home accessories, furniture, and also jewelry.

Jessica brings an architectural design approach to the creation of her pieces. She likes to think of her design philosophy as the intersection between art and functionality. The underlying structure is as important as the finished design, and the way the individual parts fit together defines the final form.

Jessica’s home accessories are made up of individual pieces that slot together without the need for fasteners. Engaging the user to put together their bowl or wine rack like a three-dimensional puzzle is part of the fun and playfulness of her designs. There is also a practical component to this feature: her housewares can easily be taken apart and stored in a drawer when not in use. She makes her pieces from bamboo plywood which is a sustainable resource; strong yet lightweight, and beautiful.

Jessica also designs and makes simple, organic jewelry pieces that are inspired both by nature and the built environment. They are cast in sterling silver, or cut from materials such as stainless steel and acrylic. Her designs emphasize the "yin" and "yang" - for example a delicate sterling silver pendant on a rough leather cord - to create pieces that embody seeming contrary aesthetics.

All of Jessica’s work can be summed up by GioGio Design’s motto: life is more interesting when we are inspired by the things we see around us every day. Visit: http://www.giogiodesign.com/ for more info!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Save The Date!

Planning is underway for the 2014 Prospect Park Craft Fair! The fair will take place on Saturday May 3, from 10am-5pm, rain or shine. It is a week before Mother's Day and there is always a wonderful selection of gifts for mom. Vendors please apply on the "Artists and Crafters Apply Now" page. Contact parkcraftbklyn@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Come to the Fair, this Saturday May 4th!

The Park has been absolutely stunning over the past few weeks and the weather forecast for Saturday is  perfect. Sunny and 66 degrees. We are really looking forward to the fair and know it's going to be a great day. If you haven't already please take a look at our wonderful vendor list: http://prospectparkcraftfair.blogspot.com/p/2013-vendors.html
And don't forget about the kids' activities: face painting, planting with the Garden Club and Design Your Own Button!

See you Saturday, right here!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Featured Vendor: Mia Lara Jewelry

The contemporary artisan jewelry in the Mia Lara Jewelry collection is designed by Mia Lara Nathanson, a young designer who views personal adornment as a quintessential form of expression.  "I find great pleasure in watching a woman fall in love with a piece that speaks to her.  It's as if she's suddenly found a part of herself reflected back to her in my art."

The Mia Lara Jewelry collection is a balance between a bold aesthetic and elegant simplicity.  It's contemporary, yet timeless.  The pieces are fresh, versatile and playful.   The collection is characterized by the juxtaposition of the organic with the refined.  Intrigued by this interplay, Mia is drawn to rich, vibrant color combinations of precious and semi-precious stones accented by elements of both textured and polished metals.  Mia celebrates the beauty expressed in the asymmetry of the natural world and designs with this creative vision in mind.

Mia has always sought to express herself through creativity.  Designing since she was a young girl, Mia began her fledging jewelry business by setting up roadside stands in her hometown of Woodstock, NY with her beaded jewelry and homemade cookies!  After attending Columbia University and receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Anthropology, Mia went on to work in the Fashion and Finance Industries. During her five years in the corporate world, Mia worked arduously to realize her dream of founding a company by devoting all her spare time to her creative vision and selling her jewelry at local New York Markets on weekends.

In February 2010, Mia dove wholeheartedly into her business to make it a full-time endeavor.  She traveled to India where she spent a few months cultivating design concepts and sourcing stones.  The rich cultural fabric woven into the landscape of India has become a deep inspiration for Mia.  The vibrant energy found in the contradictory elements so palpable to India is embodied in the Mia Lara Jewelry collection.  Each piece captures the natural beauty of imperfection and embraces organic form.

In the Indian cities of Pune and Jaipur, Mia has spent many happy days sifting through cases of precious and semi-precious stones, reveling in their resplendent natural beauty.  A deep inspiration is drawn from the stones; their magnificent spectrum of hue and texture speak volumes to Mia, guiding her in the process of creation.  The inception of each design springs from a spontaneous gravitation toward a stone, allowing the process to organically evolve from a visual feast on natural splendor.

Mia considers her collection to be personal ornaments of expression.  "I'm enchanted by the idea that my designs can be treasured by its wearer as an extension of their being.   It's a joy and a privilege to illuminate women's inner and outer beauty through my art".

Monday, April 29, 2013

Featured Vendor: Laloma Chalkboards & Designs

Laloma Chalkboards & Designs incorporates antique, reclaimed and recycled materials to create rustic boards with chalkboards, hooks, ball jars, and more.  All boards are handmade in Brooklyn. 

The beautiful ball jars are the perfect way to upcycle the ubiquitous mason jar. Use it as a hanging ball jar planter which is ideal for adding some life and charm to any space, indoors or out. A perfect accent for your urban apartment  and a wonderful, unique eco-friendly gift! Or use the hanging ball jars for added space in the kitchen or bathroom (toothpaste, toothbrushes, herbs, spices etc). 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Design Your Own Button with Brooklyn Design Lab

We are very excited to have Amy from Brooklyn Design Lab leading "Design Your Own Button" at the fair this year.  It's a fun activity for kids or adults! Buttons will be 2.25" and cost only $1! They make really fun gifts, perfect for Mother's or Father's Day.

Amy will be at the fair from 12-3 pm so make sure you stop by then. And please check out BDL's web site for great kids' art classes. www.brooklyndesignlab.org

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Featured Vendor: Demetria Chappo Ceramics

Demetria Chappo is a ceramic artist working out of a studio on the Brooklyn waterfront where she creates clay sculptures, home and garden objects, wall hangings, and sculptural wearable pieces. She also teaches children ceramics and curates the studio gallery. Some of her collections include a nostalgic line of porcelain honey bears called Hey! Honey; GeoMetria, a series of sound sculpture icosahedrons; and Suspended Spirals and Inertia wall hangings for the home and garden.
Approaching the clay as a storyteller, Demetria has a background in acting as well as marketing and copywriting, each piece she creates is inspired by nostalgia, a moment in time developed, studied, formed and vitrified into something new and lasting.
To see more of Demetria's Work visit her website: www.demetriachappo.com
and then come see her at the fair!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vendor Application Deadline is April 4th!

Preparations for the craft fair are in full swing and we are getting very excited for it! We still need a few more vendors, so if you are interested please apply now! So sorry, jewelry is full but you can fill out the application and we will put you on the waiting list.

Apply here: http://prospectparkcraftfair.blogspot.com/p/artistscrafters-apply-now.html

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Save the Date!

Planning is underway for the 2013 Prospect Park Craft Fair! The fair will take place on Saturday May 4th, from 10am-5pm, rain or shine. It is a week before Mother's Day and there is always a wonderful selection of gifts for mom. Vendors please apply on the "Artists & Crafters Apply Now" page. Contact parkcraftbklyn@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Featured Vendor: 1000 Kisses

Three handmade stacking rings using green tourmalines set in fine silver and sterling silver. Each piece of jewelry is like a kiss or a gift. For Mother's Day start her collection of kisses with a 1000 Kisses jewelry.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Featured Vendor: Live Poultry

Pete Hildebrand designs graphic tee-shirts and totes that incorporate images and icons from Brooklyn's past. Based in Red Hook, he finds inspiration for his wares in the commercial signs and industrial history of the city.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Featured Vendor: Marina's Knittery

"Earth Cowl"

Marina Bekkerman of Marina's Knittery makes stylish and wearable items to enhance your wardrobe or to give to your Mom to keep her toasty.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Featured Artist: Lillian Cozzarelli

Sterling Silver ring; 18k gold bands securing Herkimer Diamond (quartz)
Sterling Silver domed ring; 12 blue sapphires

Gemstones and a vision of form; and a passion for creating something beautiful from raw materials are the primary inspirations for my rings. The fundamental objective is to create a ring that is both comfortable and beautiful.
Because creativity is driven by the quest to experiment, I work in silver, gold, copper, vitreous enamel, glass (both lampwork and kiln-fired), PMC and wax carving (cast in a precious metal). The ultimate goal is to wed the diversity of form with wearability and esthetic excellence.