Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Featured Vendor: Demetria Chappo Ceramics

Demetria Chappo is a ceramic artist working out of a studio on the Brooklyn waterfront where she creates clay sculptures, home and garden objects, wall hangings, and sculptural wearable pieces. She also teaches children ceramics and curates the studio gallery. Some of her collections include a nostalgic line of porcelain honey bears called Hey! Honey; GeoMetria, a series of sound sculpture icosahedrons; and Suspended Spirals and Inertia wall hangings for the home and garden.
Approaching the clay as a storyteller, Demetria has a background in acting as well as marketing and copywriting, each piece she creates is inspired by nostalgia, a moment in time developed, studied, formed and vitrified into something new and lasting.
To see more of Demetria's Work visit her website:
and then come see her at the fair!

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