Saturday, April 10, 2010

Artist Highlight - Charlie and Sarah

Charlie and Sarah

Charlie and Sarah are a husband and wife team. Charlie is from Brighton, England. Sarah is from Lake Waconia in Minnesota. They live in New York City and are raising their son.

Sarah, an art teacher, created a Nappy onesie to surprise Charlie. It started out as a joke to teach their half English baby proper British. Once, they left the house, they had dozens of requests to create more British Flashcard items. The couple offers baby, kids and adult sizes, so you can dress and teach the entire family.

"Now, that our son is learning to speak, it is so fun hearing him say British words. Soon, he will be fluent in both languages", said Sarah.

For even more fun stuff from the crafting duo, check out Chestnut Farmer, Charlie's NEW toy line.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more British Flashcards, American Prep Appliques and clothing from Charlie and Sarah.

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